iPad/Tablet Stands

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Armodilo Spot iPad / Tablet Stand

Model: ARMO-SPOT  

Versatile tablet enclosure with ball stand can orient vertically or horizontally.

Armodilo Xero iPad / Tablet Stand

Model: ARMO-XERO  

Versatile tablet enclosure with kickstand features replaceable front graphics.

Armodilo Sphere iPad / Tablet Stand


Tilting tablet stand fits most tablets. Available in a variety of colors.

Armodilo Aura Backlit iPad / Tablet  Kiosk (Graphic Ready)

Model: ARMO-AURA  

Locking backlit tablet kiosk w/ replaceable graphic front fits most tablets.

Armodilo(ex) 3-in-1 iPad / Tablet Stand

Model: ARMO-EX-SCC  

Versatile tablet stand can be configured 3 different ways and fits most tablets.

Armodilo Floor Free Standing iPad / Tablet Kiosk


Sleek free standing tablet kiosk fits most tablets and comes in 3 colors.

Armodilo Tilt iPad / Tablet Wall Mount

Model: ARMO-RT-WM  

Tilting wall mountable tablet kiosk is versatile enough for any environment.


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