Kiosk Displays

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Orbus Vector Frame Monitor Kiosk Display

Model: VEC-MON-01  

Tall aluminum frame kiosk accommodates a large monitor and ample room for graphics.

ALK1 Alumalite Kiosk Display

Model: ALK-1  

Multimedia kiosk includes storage cabinet and backlit header

ALK2 Alumalite Kiosk Display

Model: ALK-2  

Multimedia kiosk includes backlit header and graphics

Nomadic DesignLine Kiosk Display Kit - AB0528

Model: DLKSK528  

Verstaile kiosk features monitor mount and multi-purpose slotted side walls.

Nomadic DesignLine Kiosk Display Kit - AB0520

Model: DLKSK520  

Verstaile kiosk features dual iPad stands and adjustable literature racks.

4' Nomadic Inspire Kiosk Display with Curved Canopy in a FlatPack 300 Case

Model: DLKNS2C300  

A kiosk size hybrid display system from one of the most trusted brands.

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